Researches in PDF


1- Avroman Formation, Halabja  PDF
2- Avroman, Qulqula conglomerate  PDF
3- Bekhme and Qamchuqa contact  PDF
4- Chert nodule in Kometan Formation  PDF
5- Flysch and Molasse of Kurdistan  PDF
6- Geology of Iraq PDF
7-Gulneri Formation  PDF
8-Intermmountain basin, Kurdistan PDF
9-Comparison of Khabour and Tanjero Fns PDF
10-Kometan, Shiranish Contact, Dokan PDF
11-Late Cretaceous Environment of Tanjero Fn PDF
12-Lineament in Kurdistan and Iraq PDF
13-Lithology of the lower Part Qulqula Formation PDF
14-Lower Fars tempestite PDF
15-Mammal and bird foot prints in Lower Bakhtiary PDF
16-Mawat-Chuarta Fault, Kurdistan PDF
17-Ministry Course_book PDF
18-Oligocene unconformity in Iraq PDF
19-Origin of Ball and Pillow, Sulaimani PDF
20-Origin of Dislocated limestone blocks PDF
21-Origin of Kurdistan Marble PDF
22-Paleocurrent analysis of Maastrichtian PDF
23-Qulqula Formation in the type section, Kurdistan PDF
24-Rock slide , Qara Chattan, Kurdistan, Iraq PDF
25-Sequence stratigraphy of Tanjero Formation, NE -Iraq PDF
26-slide and groundwater PDF
27-Tectonic of Maastrichtian, Zagros PDF
28-Tempestite in Tanjero Formation PDF
29-Stromatolites, Barzinja, Barsarin Formation, Kurdistan Region PDF
30-Time Expanded stratigraphic column of NE Iraq PDF

31- Qarachatan rock slide (mass wasting).pdf 
32-Oligocene in High Folded Zone PDF
33-Late Cretaceous Tectonics of Kurdistan, NE-Iraq PDF
34-Pale brown succession and its Biozonation (Lower Maastrichtian) PDF
35-Example of natural radioactivity of Kurdistan  PDF
36-Qamchuqa environment  PDF
37-New ideas about Lower Fars _Fatha_ Formation PDF
38-Larger Foraminifera on Red Bed Series by Dr Imad & Mushir, 2008 PDF
39-Gypsum beds and hypogene processes in Sangaw Sinkholes

40-Microfossil assemblages  of  Balambo Formation from Azmer Mountain PDF

41- Contact of Bekhma and Qamchuqa formations

42-Biostratigraphy of Bluish Marl Succession (Maastrichtian),Tanjero  Formation.pdf PDF

43-Nannofossils biozonation of the contact between Shiranish and Kometan Formations PDF

44- Azmir stratigraphy by nanno, Vol.15,No.2 JZS

45- Relations between deep and shallow Cretaceous units

46- New geologic setting of Bekhme Formation

47-Diachronous deposition of Bsekhme (Bakhma) Formation

78-Microfacies Analysis and Depositional Environment of the Sargelu Formation (Middle Jurassic)

 78-biostraigraphy of Sartak-Bamo area

80. limestine conglomerat in Dokan area, Pliocene

81-Types of recent microbalite in Ranyia area

82- Lateral thrust in Chwarta-Mawat area

83-Oligocene on Sharwaldir anticline

84-Tectonical history of the Arabian platform during Early Cretaceous

85-Age determination and origin of crenulated limetone in Sulaimaniyah area

86-Groundwater of Khanaqin Town, Iraq

87-لایمستون لەناو بختیاری دا

88.kolosh Formation lateral and vertical facies change. pdf

89.Asnawa Iron ore and geology of Penjween (Penjuen) area. PDF

90-Harmetool structure  and geology of western  boundary of Sulaimani city. PDF

91-Stratigraphic analysis of Azmir-Goizha anticlines and geology of northern boundary of Sulaimani city. PDF

92-Critical analysis of type section of balambo Formation and Geology of southern part of Halabja  area. PDF

93-New geologic setting of Bekhme Formation and geology of Bekhme (Bakhma) Gorge. PDF

94-Nannofossils-Kometan-Shiranish-Fprmation and Geology of Chaqchaq valley. PDF

95-Geomorphology  and mass wastinh of Piramagroon-Kanikhan valley. PDF

96-stracture and stratigraphy of Sagrma (Qaradagh)  anticline.PDF

97-Surface analysis and critical review of the Darbandikhan  (Khanaqin or Sirwan)  fault. PDF

98-Stratigraphy of Iraq by  Bawan Fayaq, University of Soran Pdf Stratigraphic-of-Iraq by bwan Fayaq  

99-Sedimentary Basins

100-Paragenesis and geochornological studies of Asnawa Iron Ore by the isotope and mineral chemistry in Penjween Area, Zagros Suture Zone Kurdistan Region, NE Iraq  PDF