Biostratigraphy of upper part of the Kolosh Formation from Sartaq-Bamo area, Northeastern Iraq

Biostratigraphy of upper part of the  Kolosh Formation  from Sartaq-Bamo area, Northeastern Iraq

                                     BY :  Imad Mahmood Ghafor and Kamal Haji Karim*1

1Department of Geology, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani City

                              Published in: Journal of Dohuk Universty, vol.2, No.4, 1999


 A range of planktonic foranminifera in the upper part of Kolosh Formation   from northeastern Iraq is discussed. Based on the evidence of twenty planktonic foranminifera species and subspecies, the upper part of Kolosh Formation ftom Sartak-Bamo area is subdivedd into biozones, these are from bottom to top:

The Globorotalia veascoensis biozone and the Globorotalia wilcoxensis/Globorotalia rex biozone. planktonic foranminifera boizone are corelated wit other areas of iraq  and the world. The nature of  the contact between  Kolosh  and Sinjar Formations is discussed  lithologically and eviromentally. The  represnted  age of the upprer par of  Kolosh Formation is Late Paleocene  to Early Eocene.

Keywords: Bamo mountain, Sartak valley or gorge, Kolosh Formation , Avanah Formation Sinjar Formation,  Pila Spi Formation.


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