Geology of Iraq

Geology of Iraq and Kurdistan regionb

By: Kamal Haji Karim, 1Department of Geology, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani City

Geology of Iraq and Kurdistan region is consist pat of lectures given to students of the forth years before several years which mainly depends on field work with the aids of the books of other geologists that concerned with the same topics. These lectures are  published in my web site as PDF file and during these years it was seen by thousands of visitors to my site.  Due to high popularity, it renewed and  improved linguistically and scientifically. The lectures are deal with the geology of Iraq and Kurdistan during Cretaceous and Tertiary.  The tectonics, stratigraphy, boundary condition, environment of the formation are described. The part of the Jurassic needs many improving and additional works but it will be published near future for my students.

Open this link to see the lectures in PDF: